Adaptive Insights: How have you integrated your organizations risk management framework and key risks into the internal audit plan?

In summary, the analytics process, including the deployment and use of big data analytics tools, can help your organization improve operational efficiency, drive new revenue and gain competitive advantages over business rivals.


Nimble delivers the context and insights you need to prospect smarter to grow your business. The goal of adaptive security is to create a feedback loop of threat visibility, detection, and prevention that consistently becomes more effective. Adaptive leadership is a practical leadership framework that helps to adapt to changing environments and effectively respond to recurring problems.


Whatever the challenge, your people have the expertise to help your organization leverage their data to improve performance, increase revenue, reduce risk, and make their businesses more responsive to market opportunities. Adaptive change requires auditing of existing systems, roles, and responsibilities.


Business intelligence lets you translate spreadsheets into actionable insights through data visualization. And finance holds the key to business agility with modern planning processes that speed better decision making. Discover how to create opportunity from complexity with insights from your experts. The goal of CPM is to provide organizations with significant business insights through processes like budgeting, scenario analysis, financial planning, forecasting and data reporting.


Adaptive leadership focuses on leadership as a practice to be used in situations without known solutions. Small team, organizational, unless you are determinedly off-grid, you will see data analytics in action every day. Adaptive software offers a comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions that enable functional and company-wide business planning and built-in analytics that allow for efficient scalability.


Entrepreneurship research has evolved along a similar trajectory, adapting organizational psychology findings to better understand the motivation to become an entrepreneur. Your unique set of business pack solutions, alongside your extensive skills in finance, business and software deliver leading forecasting solutions. A point of tension between business leaders and IT organizations is exposing organizations to security risks.


Complex adaptive systems theory and techniques provide insights into the nature of adaptation and how it might operate. Your easy, powerful, and fast software lets you get the best from enterprise resource planning and corporate performance management-all in the cloud. It is cloud based, and will make you and your financial planning team more efficient and effective.


Combining business, development, and IT operations data to generate actionable insights. Real-time, prescriptive insights enable sales teams to act, rather than react, to opportunities and risks. Adaptive provides a range of solutions and a unique combination of technology and expertise for managing processes. The differences between responsive and adaptive design approaches spotlight important options for you as web and app designers.

Want to check how your Adaptive Insights Processes are performing? You don’t know what you don’t know. Find out with our Adaptive Insights Self Assessment Toolkit: